Looking to buy a quality integrated $10,000 budget.

I’m at the point now I’m happy with my speakers, Klipsch La Scala AL5 at 105db sensitivity or there about and 8ohm load. I really don’t need big power. Unfortunately many integrated, as you go up the companies lines, keep adding power and not much else I’m not really into paying for something I’ll never use.

I do not need a DAC built in, I do not need a phono stage built in but I would not count them out if they were good quality and I could reduce the box load. So if I replace them I would need something as good inside the integrated as the Gold Note PH10 phono stage and Schiit Gungnir multi bit DAC that I currently use.

Sources are; Garrard 301 table set up with Jelco 12"arm and Van Den Hull Cart (and a Soundsmith MI), PC based streamer, multi disc player and Apple TV 4K (all the digital goes into the DAC) and a tuner (I like the Seattle NPR radio, Jazz 24).

I’m so far considering in Tube or SS class A (preferably but wont rule others out):

- Luxman 590axii, class A 30wpc. this is a top choice for me right now. change my mind?
- Luxman Tube integrated like the LX 380
- Accuphase E 650 (used-older as USA prices are overpriced mind you I can get it cheaper in Canada so may not be an issue),
- McIntosh MAC 7200, more power then I’ll ever need but many features like a tuner, phono stage etc. so could go to one box but what’s the compromise with all that inside?
- BAT VK801 and others never heard a BAT (recommended from a friend) so not sure, I don’t have anywhere near me to listen so don’t say go listen.
- Sungden but I have to admit I find them homely and a little basic looking.
- Triode Labs and Finale Audio (great gear by the way) I’ve considered (again) but I really want a remote and need more then 3 inputs.
- Pass labs class A if I can find one used and in my budget.
- Decware and the other smaller tube amps are also in the back of my head.
- what am I forgetting or don’t know that’s the question?

Sound is paramount but it has to appeal to me looks-function wise as well, I just can not look at a homely integrated regardless of the sound. Also I really want a remote this time around! If I kept both DAC and Phono stages I could go (partially) balanced but my tuner is single ended so its not important to me. Also I would like to stay away from Chinese production for now. Recently used ( newer then 10 years) or New is what I’m thinking.

I’m kind of trending away from tubes just tired of replacing them, 300b’s no way ever again. I Live in an open concept Loft so my main system does everything TV-movies-music. I also tend to have my system on playing from 4pm to midnight through the week and all day and night weekends (when I’m home of course) so my system gets lots of use this is why I’m thinking tubes may be done in my audio life maybe we will see.

I do not like the looks of Mac’s sloped front integrated tube amps similar to AudioNotes new integrated I find that sloped face not to my tastes. AudioNote in general I find over priced for what you get. yes I’ve owned some.

I have listen to some Moon gear wasn’t for me. And Rega’s new stuff again not for me. Naim, Linn pass not for me, been there done that not my cup of tea. Vintage is for my bedroom so not here.

looking for;
Dynamics, good bass control but good separation of notes, sweet top end that’s not edgy or overly bright, midrange that’s involving, huge soundstage maybe the word musical comes to mind. I tend to a slightly warmer side of neutral but not too much. All types of music except classical. I don’t listen above 85db.

ok I think I’ve put enough in here for a reasonable response.

What amps should I consider in this price range new or used? one last thing I live in western Canada.


Yamaha AS 3200. Sonics, build quality, features.....meters!  Im evaluating it now, very impressed so far.
Im late to the party but for anyone interested... I have LaScala AL5's and have tried:

Pass Labs INT-250 (15 Watts Class A)
Pass Labs XA60.8 Mono (ALL Class A)
Cary SLI 80HS
Yamaha 1200
Pass Labs INT-60
Naim Atom
Willsenton R8 Tube Amp
Luxman 590 AXII

The top 3 for my ears and room (13X18) are the Pass Labs INT-250, then the INT-60 and then the Luxman. The XA60.8 monos are nice but overkill for. the LaScala. Pass Labs has a nice synergy with the Heritage line. A bit fuller than the Luxman, and just as detailed and expansive. The INT-250 has a bit more sparkle than the 60 but the 60 has more density to the midrange, just a hair. Soundstage is slightly bigger with the 250 as well. 

If I was buying an all new amp for the LaScala today it would be either the INT-250 or the INT-60. The INT-25 would be an option as well, though that has less mid bass warmth than the 60 and is somewhere in between the 250 and the 60. 

The worst pairing was with the Naim Atom, just too bright with the LSAL5. The Yamaha was a tad dry sounding. The Cary was nice but not in the same league as the Pass or Luxman. The R8 was nice and meaty but less refined. I have yet to hear anything better than Class A Pass with the LS speakers. I have not yet tried a SET amp with them though. 
Hay Steve did you settle on a tube amp yet? And congrats of the new LaScala's, I watch your video it was done quite well with much passion. 

I was the gentleman who suggested you look at the 45 tube types. I'm again leaning back to tubes again for mine. Its a fence i seem to jump back and forth over haha. Love hate relationship with tubes. 
In the not to distant future, Andrew Robinson (Recovering Audiophile) is going to be doing a review of an amp I import from Canor Audio. The A.I. 1.10 that is a 20w, KT88 based, push/pull.  He mentioned it around the 13 minute mark in his review of the Technics integrated which is pretty easy to find out on Youtube.   

His feedback thus far has been positive and it might be worth checking out as it is well suited to drive speakers like the LaScala's.