Looking to extend

Just acquired a set of Focal Utopia headphones with a ridiculously short cable. (5ft.)

Looking for a quality extension cable to free me up. Found a few replacement cables made specifically for the Utopia but they are in the $2k price range, really!

Just need a quality 1/4 male to 1/4 female extension cable around 15 feet that's under $500. 

Has anyone found something they would recommend?


Check out Black Dragon or Silver Dragon cables from Moon Audio; I use their Black Dragon cables on all 3 headphones I've got and I'm quite happy with them, and they are reasonably priced.... 

I have been into high end headphones for 30 years.  I currently own the Utopia, HiFiMan Susvara, Abyss 1266TC and the ZMF Verite Open.  I’ve used many extension cable over those years.  The lowest price extension cable that I’ve used is the Grado Prestige 15’ extension cable that’s available from Crutchfield for $69.  It has 1/4 inch male plug on the amp end and 1/4 inch female on the headphone end.  If you want something that may be a bit better there are many options.  There are many cable makers that can make what you’re looking for.  I think for under $500 I would go with a pure OCC copper cable from Moon Audio, or Double Helix Cables.  Others that I’ve tried that are also good are Norne Audio, Wywires, and Corpse Cables.  I currently use a Double Helix Complement 4 extension cable that I bought in December but it cost over $500 even with holiday discounted pricing.  

Thank you for the good advice. I ended up with a Moon Audio cable. Looking foreword to not having to sit so close.