Looking to get into tubes?

I am sure this has been covered before but I would like to get very current opinions. After being in this hobby since the early 60's am finally thinking seriously about trying tubes for the first time. An integrated is what I am thinking of. Very cheap or used. Models that have caught my attention:
Onix, Dared, Many good looking offerings on that big auction site, Tec.On....?
I would like something easy to use, set up etc., since this will be my first one. What are all of your suggestions? Thanks P.S. I have efficent speakers
What are your speakers?

How much do you want to spend?

I think the Audio Note Soro SE is the best deal I ever got in audio. 18 extremely robust watts with world class sound. around $1400 w/o phono (if you can find one for sale)
I have a very limited budget. I am thinking $900-$1000 tops so I'm also thinking used probably. For a 15 X 15 bedroom with a very low 6' 10" ceiling. I'm planning on driving Triangle Titus , Tekton Fostex or a set of Fritzspeaker single driver monitors at pretty low listening levels. Choices are confusing for the tube new comer with so many different types of tubes, SET or push pull design, bias setting and so many brands and things to consider. I would like some opinions on the brands and models I mentioned in the original post as well as any other viable contenders. You guys know everything.
EL34 based Cayin, Jolida or Primaluna. Excellent build quality, easy to setup and good resale (should you choose to go in another direction). All can be found used in your price range.

Good luck!