Looking to get started

Hi All -

I've been itching to get started in Analog for a while now so I'm reaching out for advice.

I have an audiophile theater system now and wonder if I can integrate an analog player into the system and truly benefit from the addition.

I have a CARY Cinema 6 pre/pro and Rotel 1090 5 channel amp. Speakers are the new NHT Classic 3s. I'm pretty sure I need a phono pre-amp. (?)

What are some thoughts?

Much appreciated! Pete
i agree about the analog system, unless you are going through the process of cleaning lps , cart. cleaning and setup of such a system can become very time consumming. so said, if you decide to go that way, i suggest the music hall combo with their phonl channel also....
I'm always curious to know what makes people want to do this? Or, in other words, what are your expectations? Do you feel that our current source will be improved? Just curious.
I'm actually getting started in analog as well, and here are my reasons (not in any particular order):

1.) Everything physically associated with a record is cool. "Album art" used to actually be a phenomenon, whereas CD covers now are feeling more and more like glorified band logos.

2.) There is history in the process. It's fun to fuss over cleaning something and keeping it nice, and reaping an immediate audible benefit from doing so. I can't afford an analog system that will blow away my digital system, but it's not necessarily all about "absolute sonic clarity" when it comes to enjoying music. The whole thing is a process, and there is enjoyment in that as well.

3.) Even though my analog system isn't true "hi-fidelity," my friends would still be amazed at how much better a record can sound than they would imagine. Most people in my generation (I'm 24) consider records completely useless and without value. Even my moderate system can prove that wrong.

4.) I like some pops and scratches.

5.) Searching for records and getting bargains is a great pastime. Just yesterday I picked up an entire Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Van Morrison (among others)collection in pristine condition for $20. It's a great feeling.

Many people on this site have been in this hobby for over 20 years. I just started this past year. I figure even if I average only $400 in upgrades a year then by the time I'm in my 40's I should have a very decent system. It's a marathon.
Thanks all -

I had the experience of listening to a TT a few years ago and thought it was wonderful (but a CD may have also been great).

I guess it comes from an upgrade bug I caught. I do not want to go crazy that's why I'm asking. I would never want to spend over $1,000 so it may not be worth it in my case.

I'm also looking to upgrade my digital source as well.

Again, I'm just intriged but if I need to spend thousands then I can't do it.
I think the Marantz TT that comes with a nice Clear Audio cart is a good buy. TAS has favorable reviews for it.