Looking to replace Clearaudio Stylus force gauge

Just looking for a bit of feedback on the Audio Additives
SFG. I am looking for one that measures to 1/10th gram, which
my C-A does not. FWIW, mine is the C-A Exact which retailed
for $400.00 when made. The AA seems like a nice little
gauge, comes with 5.0 gram weight to easily test accuracy.
I saw in past threads to use a nickel, but it seems like a
good thing that the AA includes this.
Parts Connexion have an excellent four digit back-lit display SFG for less than $100 with accuracy to 0.001g.
It also comes with a calibration weight, I use it with my Clearaudio Ambient/Stradivari and it functions perfectly, in fact I have seen the exact same product repackaged and labeled, selling for 3 times the price !

Mehran of SoraSound has an ad here for the same gage as is sold be a number of companies who rebrand it and sell it for more than twice what he is charging.
Sorasound sells the ubiquitous digital gauge for a nice price. Contact him. Same one Acoustic Sounds still tries to get $129 for; they used to ask $185 until it started popping up everywhere for much less. Could be same one as the Audio Add. you're looking at, comes with 5 gram weight