Looking to upgrade my preamp, suggestions?

Decided it is time to try out a newer preamp, have upgraded everything else over last couple of months bar this so...
Present pre is an ARC LS2 with gold lion tube and herbies tube damper.
Rest is Esoteric sa-50, bat vk600se and b&w 804d.
Listen exclusively to rock music, old and new
Important to myself, solid bass, vocals and soundstage, a remote might be nice too...lol
Thinking along the lines so far of bat vk32se, a newer ARC like ls17 or 27. Yes all tubes
Suggestions along solid state lines please?
budget is about 3500 max
Prefer to hear from actual owners of preamps suggested for your actual experiences
thank you all in advance 
I'm kinda lovin my ARC Ref 5 SE - got it here on the 'gon. About twice your budget used, but if you're willing to save up, well worth it. VERY transparent, great bass, incredible detail, etc, etc.

I have had the pre close to two years,have the audionet amp running with it,match made in heaven with the combo. Also have a anthem p2 that I have used with it and was quite impressed with that also. If the one on here sells 4 what its going for, someone getting a heck of a deal.

 I agree with Lalitk, the Modright 36.5 is very hard to beat and IMHO, better than an ARC pre at the same price point. I compared my 36.5 with the more expensive ARC Ref 3 and clearly preferred the Modright
I decided to go with some convenience factors as well just to reduce the amount of "boxes" all connected up!
Went with a McIntosh C48. which has yet to arrive so hopefully not a bad choice, but this will allow me to get rid of the phono preamp, the headphone amp and to plug the digital inputs from the tv and the Vault direct into the Mac rather than going through the Esoteric.

Sometimes it cannot all just be purely what is the best sound but a compromise as well.
Hopefully the sound will not be a compromise but will soon know!
Congratulation on the McIntosh.   In your budget, I would go for ARC REF3 or EAR 868.  I prefer over MW 36.5 especially one without an external PS.