Looks like PS Audio has a hit on their hands with the new speaker

I know that many here may not take the PS Audio FR30 seriously as a speaker.

I totally get that (as no one has even heard it) however based on the designer and 

goals, years of development, I was very optimistic.  Plus I knew the speaker would work well with my BHK300 amps.  Not that I’m in the market for speakers, but wish I was. 

Here’s the first owner report, who previously had Maggies.


Would love to hear these for myself, as I’m a sucker for new driver designs.

Anyone who has heard these, please post your impressions.

Would love to hear them in the New York tri state area or south Florida.  



That's certainly a fine system, vinylvalet, as you know, and hear...

Paul is a smart guy but I've never thought of an electronics company as a speaker company but I'm sure that they sound good.

But, there really is a LOT of superb competition in that price range, at least IMO.

You guys haven’t been out lately to shows have you? Have you seen what’s on the market these days for $28k? I attended the Florida audio expo a few weeks ago and most of the speakers cost more than you he PSA speakers and they sounded like crap. The fink 2 way was $33,500 on special and my small revel floorstanding speakers sound better. I also listened to the bigger speakers across the aisle and they sounded decent but they were $120k. My large ushers sound better than these and I bet the PSA speakers would sound better too. 

As for trade tag reviews, you know ahead of time they are going to be the best of the best since PSA pays for ads in these mags. 
BTW, the 2nd install YouTube video of the PSA speakers were from a guy that replaced his rockports which are pretty good speakers. 

From what I understand these are made in China (confirmed by Paul on a PS Audio forum thread), which is disappointing to me. If I’m buying a pair of $28k speakers I would expect them to be manufactured in Europe or USA. Of course PS Audio is all about value at price point so it makes sense. I’d rather buy a used pair of YGs.

Can't speak to the FR30 as I haven't heard them.

But, I was at RMAF 2019 and stayed in Denver for over a week prior as my son lives there.  I went to the PSA factory/offices specifically to hear the IRS V, which I did. To me they are astounding, 'nuf said.

Also got to listen to ??? iteration of the new speaker for about a half hour with Chris Brunhaven.  They sounded superb to me, they were no where near (physically) where the FR30 ended up. Then they packed up for the show. 

At RMAF 2019 I spent quite a bit of time in the PSA room (large conference room) and they had the predecessor sounding great.  The most "tangible" aspect was the imaging which was impeccable, honestly, I tried eyes wide open staring a one speaker and just could not loose the soundstage.

FWIW, Mrs. Wilson (Dave Wilson's (RIP) wife)  sat in the front row for an inordinate amount of time listening to the predecessor.  I spoke with her later that day in the Wilson room and asked "How did you like PSA speaker?" she replied that they are "very good".

I also agree that they will get extraordinary reviews in the big two 'phile mags.
Let's see if the reviewers purchase them and hold them dear.



Whatever about the sound (to be determined), I find the rounded bottom cognatively dissonant. One expects a curve to be on the top of an object. Imagine a neoclassical building where the romanesque windows were upside down.

Also, I really can't see why they did it from a structural engineering point of view. It adds a lot of complexity to the structure for no benefit.

As regards the pricing, it looks pretty competitive for the specification - assuming the sound lives up to it, of course.

And PS is planning a number of trickle down models which, of course, is where they will make their real money and recoup their R&D costs.