Looming with Synergistic Research

Way back in Apex land I ventured out and purchased a loom of SR top AC cables and the Apex Line of cables. I had a MPC city with wires coming out of the
ying yang.

Now mind you I fully understood clean power, isolation and very fine components such as the ASR full blown amp/phono and Audio Note TT at the time and the Apex was good but oh the MPC’s had to go so I sold them on the ‘Gon.

If you check my feedback you can tell I have sold a bunch of stuff and tried a lot of audio gear. I see the number of my feedbacks and come away thinking why I was so foolish to buy and try and never reach my goal of a great realistic playback system.

I have spent time with Mike L from Seattle listening to his setup as my wife is from Seattle and his system/ room became a benchmark for me concerning sound and the level of realism one can option in audio playback.

My friend Doc Gear built a Sistrum sound room using $50K of brass and designed by an engineer and helped by Robert from Audio Points. My wife and I spent the day/night with the Doc and his room. He had mid priced gear and the sound he got was as good or better than Mike’s room. His take by experience was that a low end speaker and OK amp would rock most philes world with the SQ in his room. I never heard a sound system so realistic as that “room”.

My audio system is parked in my LR. Inspector wife is up my bum about room treatment so none ever made it my way as most are/we’re just to big and bulky. Tried the Franky Bells at $20K per ding and that was just OK. Made my own junk bags of insulation that went down the dumpster in a few short months. Waited I did for someone to design a bell or whistle or anything that would bring me to a Sistrum room for under $50K like the Docs room.

SR HFT. SR panels. SR Dots. SR XL4. SR Black Box. Read up on them and was still mad at SR because I got pulled into the swamp river of the haters of SR and my bad taste of MPC land. Still the products  intrigued me.

I fell for the fake Ozzy “HFT” home made junk and I bought 22 of them. Stupid head. Cheap  Junk that didn’t work!! 10 SR HFT’s came up for sale on the ‘Gon so I grabbed them and installed them according to the plans. They worked as advertised so I got more and then panels/dots B.B. and XL4. Well boys and girls I was getting the sound of the Sistrum room 🤠🤠😂😂 for way less $$$. SR redeemed itself with a grand slam of products that I was waiting for.

With a renewed confidence in SR I got the PowerCell UEF and the Grounding Block active. The SR products I had installed got on steroids really fast and I was seeing Ted as one who stuck with it till he had a breakthrough in ALL his products.

Now Ted is kind of like a Trumpster and as there is a TDS there is a DDS going on. Denny Derangement Syndrome. Haters out there that just love to hate on him. An acquaintance of mine in audio and high end dealer just the other day took about 30 mins and beat the blinking tar out of SR products and how he had to replace all his client’s SR cables and setup of all things SR and how the sound was so much better with the dot things gone and the EnKlein cables in. Took out the PowerCell and installed his power block he sells. Oh so much better.

“Synergistic Research I wouldn't go near. They make one of the worst cables I have ever heard. All of them.” Direct quote. DDS 😂

Ok so after this phone conversation I took out the B.B. XL4 HFT speaker kits. I left the panels in. I listened that way for some 45 seconds and knew that all the SR products work better than advertised !!! I installed them back in the system and the “Sistrum”$50k room system was back. Heck I don’t have to spend $17K for IC and $22K for AC cables and speaker cables.

Well having the PowerCell and a AC cable not SR Galileo I bought a Galileo UEF AC cable to install on the PC SE UEF. Lord have Mercy.

🤠😂😂😂😂😂 to all the SR haters and DDS folks and cheers to all those who have found their way SR.

Should we conclude you're converted? 😊 😊 😊

Congratulations @glory  Great story and outcome.
"Now Ted is kind of like a Trumpster and as there is a TDS there is a DDS going on. Denny Derangement Syndrome. Haters out there that just love to hate on him."

Poor analogy at best. 

I am almost finished implementing the SR Active Ground Block in my system using a mix of the supplied SR wires and some DIY ground wires. This built upon a DIY star grounding project I began some time ago. While I found audible benefits from basic star grounding, adding the SR Active Ground Block made a huge improvement in the sound of my system. The SR ground wires--especially the High Definition cables--are really expensive for what you get. Don't be afraid to try your hand at making your own.