Loose RCA connectors on CAT

The RCA connctors from my i.c. fit too loosely on the CAT's inputs. Do I have to replace these? Any tips? Thanks.
I have the same problem with my CAT Mark 111. I finally had to go to innerconnects with locking RCAs.
If you have a pair of pliers, you can grab the RCA plug gently from the pin end, set the pliers so they'll squeeze up to but no further than a LITTLE less, and then GENTLY squeeze the shell from at least two sides at right angles to each other. Do less than you think necessary, then more if needed. If you go too far, pull RCA shell back out with longnose pliers--but it's best if you can avoid doing this. If your interconnects are expensive, maybe you're better off selling them on Audiogon. In that case, have you ever looked at www.interlinkhouse.com? This problem of yours could be an opportunity to improve your sound. (I have a CAT SL-1 III myself, and the Stealth RCA's fit just fine.)