Loreena McKinnet Remasters

Just picked up one of her new remasters (The Visit) and compared it to the original release. I don't know what to think. There's definitely a difference but I'm not sure iif it's an improvement. The remaster has more detail, a little more air on top but also seems slightly edgy and strident with more pronounced sibilants. I think I might prefer the original, smoother and more satisfying (sounds like a beer commercial). Anxious to hear others opinions on the newly available remasters. Doing a reality check on my system and my hearing.
I find that most remasters are not impressive. Many eliminate tape hiss at the expense of the "emotion" of the music. I'll take the hiss.
Yep,got myself some dissapointing re-ma$ter$ as well.
Sounds like EQ boost was employed to add detail,another remaster shortcut? When will they respect the fans and not the money.This is assuming you have other recordings with this much high frequency energy that are not yeilding the extra sizzle or sib.
I notice that a DVD has been added to these new productions. Anyone seen it? What is it of? Is it the same DVD in each remix?

The same DVD in each. A silly idea - they should have provided a card that you could send in and they would send you the DVD.

It is the same DVD with each remaster. These are limited editions after which the remixes will replace the originals without the bonus DVD. If you want the remixes but not the DVD you'll have to wait a bit. As I mentioned in my initial post I'm not impressed with the remasters. There are some improvements BUT the smoothness of the original has been replaced with glare and edginess.