Loricraft Garrard 301 to Dobbins Sp10 Mk3 - What can I expect ?

I have been using a nicely modded Loricraft Garrard 301 for the last couple of years. Found a good deal on a Steve Dobbins Sp10 Mk3 and pulled the trigger on it. It will be arriving in a week or so. I am curious what can I expect from this change ? The Sp10 Mk2 didnt cut it for me nor the new SL-1200G. Mk3 that too coming from Dobbins seems to be on a much higher plane. However I would love to hear from you guys if you have heard the Mk3 vs 301.
Pani, You contacted me privately.  I have heard a Dobbins SP10 Mk3, sitting in the room with Steve Dobbins himself at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, back in 2011, I think.  I listened for more than an hour to music of different types. The tonearm was a Reed and the cartridge may have been an Ortofon A90 or a Lyra top of the line.  I think the Dobbins table will outperform your Garrard, mainly due to the fact that it is completely neutral, does not emphasize any part of the musical spectrum.  Anyway, you bought it, so you will be the final and only important judge.  You can re-sell the one of the two that you like the least, if you feel you only need one turntable. (Everyone needs two, in my opinion, at minimum.)
I have not heard an SP10 Mk III but I bet it sounds closer to the new SL 1000R which is the best turntable I have heard period.  I have heard a SP10MK II and it was very nice.  The good part is you can put whatever arms you want on it.  Thats the one drawback with the 1200G.  The arm on the 1200G is very good, but many will want to upgrade the arm.
I want to remind averyone about Kondo The Beat turntable designed by Steve Dobbins. The motor is SP-10mk3 if i remember correct. I like design of this plinth for two tonearms. Also i love Reed and own one, Steve was a US distributor of Reed tonearms few years ago.

Pani, your SP-10mk3 is just a classic Technics in Dobbins plinth? Any pictures of it available?

I was thinking about his plinth for my ex SP-10mkII, but it was too expensive for me.
Chakster, "Kondo the Beat" is likely to be the turntable that Pani bought. Dobbins took the motor assembly out of a Mk3 chassis and sank it into his plinth, which is made of some non-resonant material, but I don’t remember what it is. Thus Steve got rid of the superficial escutcheon and the surround underneath that is part of a Mk3 chassis. It was in vogue to do this, back when the Mk3 was being re-discovered and you could still find them for sale at "reasonable" prices.
The Beat is also the turntable I listened to extensively at the RMAF in either 2010 or 2011.  Just Steve and me in the room late at night.

No, I am not buying the Beat. I am buying a mk3 in Dobbins plinth. Dobbins takes away the mk3 top plate and installs the entire motor in the plinth. For Beat I think he does more to the power supply and such.