Loricraft PSU for Garrard - Do I need it ?

I am in the process of tweaking out my Garrard TT. Apart from a full rebuild and a good plinth I am considering a Loricraft PSU too. Loricraft mentions that they regenerate AC in their controller for a clean AC output. I already have a Monarchy Audio AC regenerator powering my TT. This is a fantastic regenerator providing clean and continuous up to 100 watts. It also has options to choose between 50 and 60hz and also voltage range from 220 to 240 volts in 2 volts steps (I live in a 230 volts region). Do I still need a Loricraft PSU ? Will it do any better ? I mean is there a special thing or two about a motor controller like Loricraft-for-Garrard which the Monarchy doesnt do ? 
Pani, you don't mention what variety of Garrard you have, but I'm assuming either a 301 or 401. With my 401, I use a Power Plant Premier by PS Audio. From what I've seen, anything you buy from Loricroft is going to be expensive, although well made.

With the PPP, I don't find any speed variation problems, whenever I use a strobe to check speed, it's spot-on, so my opinion is that a PSU from Loricroft is an unnecessary expense.

Mine is a Garrard 301 oil bearing. In terms of speed stability, mine is stable even off the AC wall supply. But adding the monarchy regenerator had a clear improvement on smoothening out the sound and reducing noise floor. I mean just seeing speed accuracy on strobe is not the whole story. At the micro level a lot of things is going on while the platter is rotating. In fact when I change voltage from 220 to 230v the sound changes even though speed remains stable (I correct it from the speed regulator on the Garrard). That's why I wonder what the loricraft brings to the table.