Losing Touch

You know sometimes I feel that I have lost touch with why I have been into audio/music since the 70's. I have been sitting at my computer this morning doing a bunch of nothing when I opened up Tidal and started cruising the "Masters" listings. I have The Cars "Candy-O" playing right now through my Audioengine 5+ and sub. Damn what fun. Do I have it playing too loud? Yup. The MUSIC is wonderful. The quality is great. Isn't this what it is all about? Getting into it fully. "Candy-O I need you so." Had to share. Have a good listen. 
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To paraphrase an old F. Zappa album:

Shut Up and Play Your Music. ;)

Too often we get caught up in the pursuit of 'perfection' in the stack, the space, or the medium we play upon and in it.  It's good to take that break, pour that libation, sit down, and volume to 8.5+.  Theoretically that's why you started on the path and why you're Here Now. *G*

ENJOY...even if you still think it's got warts. *nudge* 
Well, I've been audiophile for about 50 years now. I'm 'losing touch' with a lot of music I've listened to at various points along the way. As a Christian my interest in music follows along the lines that if Christ was there in the listening room with me, would He and I feel comfortable with what was coming through the speakers. On this basis, I'm probably more interested and find the hobby more fulfilling than at any other time in my past. It makes all the difference in feeling affirmed and blessed. It provides a fundamental reason for desiring a system to be excellent as it is dedicated to pleasing the King.  
One can't help wondering if He can hear through the tape hiss and pops and clicks on LPs.