Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear

If you were to win the Powerball or Megamillions what would your stereo system consist of and why?
SteinMusic Harmonizer, the new Acoustic Revive R-777 high-power Schumann Frequency Generator, complete set of Frank Tchang Acoustic Resonators, my choice of 100 WA Quantum Chips, PWB Red X Coordinate Pen and Quantum Clip, Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX.
03-26-13: Mofimadness

I'd buy the MBL reference system and have a custom house built with a custom sound room to put it in.

Sorry about that ya'all - MBL paid me big bucks to put a CD into their system. ;)
Because even at their best various speaker designs have their pros and cons, I would buy two or three systems, which makes me feel gluttonous just thinking about it. But seriously, probably YG Acoustics and Sanders Sound or Soundlabs and turntables that I have no real business owning.