Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear

If you were to win the Powerball or Megamillions what would your stereo system consist of and why?
I would buy a restored 1947 Capehart radio = phonograph. I am so impressed with the Erb designed record changer that could play a stack of 16 records , play both sides and continue over and over or stop and shut off. It would do all this with speakers and remote radio selection from many other rooms . All tube electronics and seperate amps for by amped Jensen speakers. And then maybe a all McIntosh or Audio Research system like I had ten and fifteen years ago.
I could afford the Capeheart but I need a room to put it in,I moved in this smaller house when I retired. But to see that changer in action , just touches a nerve. So as long as we are playing I'll add to the wish, Thanks David
03-28-13: Hk_fan
I'd be too busy dating supermodels to worry about audio....
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Why do you need to win a lottery to date supermodels?
"I'd be too busy dating supermodels to worry about audio....”

I’d hire Rives or some other sound guru to calibrate my room using supermodels as acoustic treatments.