Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear

If you were to win the Powerball or Megamillions what would your stereo system consist of and why?
03-28-13: Hk_fan
I'd be too busy dating supermodels to worry about audio....
Hk_fan (Threads | Answers | This Thread)
Why do you need to win a lottery to date supermodels?
"I'd be too busy dating supermodels to worry about audio....”

I’d hire Rives or some other sound guru to calibrate my room using supermodels as acoustic treatments.
I would put together my "dream system" from the days when I first became involved in this obsession, (1990ish,) and a two versions of current state of the art, one tube based, and one solid state based. I would likely derive more enjoyment finding the used components for my early 90's dream system than I would assembling a modern state of the art rig. It would be nice to see how close the twenty year old setup could come to the latest, greatest. I'm betting, pretty close. B&W 800s, or Sonus Faber Extremas would be my starting point, and I would work back from there.
I'll need a fourth system too, electrostat or ribbon based...big Apogees, anyone?
How ever much money I would have at my disposal, it's against my nature to buy extraordinarily expensive gear that depreciates faster than Cyprian banking confidence.
Phaelon, super models are good for diffusion, terrible for absorption. Besides, you probably couldn't get them to be quite; "this is like, totally unfair to have to just stand here. Don't they know I'm a super model and I don't deserve to be treated like this."