Lou Reed, Perfect Day?

While on vacation in cozumel last week I heard this tune on mp satellite radio on tv (i guess that's what it was). Anyway this version had many guest singers, Bowie, Tom Jones (?), several female singers. It really was inspiring in the morning before the great diving we experienced down there. Can anybody tell me what disc it is off? (I tried amg & found too many versions to discern from the notes on each album).

Thanks & Happy Holidays!
Pehare is right, there are different versions as I found out when I bought Transformer and it was different than what my local college radio staion played. I do not have an answer for you Pehare but will post if I find it...
Buy the trainspotting soundtrack. You'll find the version you're looking for there. But check if there's a playable track at cdnow or somewhere... just to be sure.