Loud Humming.

Got tube amp and preamp, and player is Denon 3910. I've use my denon as cd player for stereo. The humming comes out when I do the video connection to my TV,either S-video, component or DVI. If this was disconnected, no humming.
My systems are on the Sanus rack.
Can I get some suggestion to solve this problem.
Thanks Guys.
Yep, I used to have the same problem when I hooked up my cable to my TV. I solved it by installing a ground loop filter between the cable and my TV's cable connector. They are available at most electronic stores. I picked up mine at Radio Shack. There are tons of them on eBay too.
Sounds like the classic ground loop problem caused by cable/satellite TV connection. Larry is right, this problem is so common that it has been covered many times in previous post. A search of the archives will provide you with various different brands of cable filter/isolators/de-couplers.

If you have HDTV from your cable co., the Jensen Ground Loop Isolator is the only isolator that provides enough bandwidth not to choke your signal. Other models will cause stuttering/pixelated video.
You need this:


Calrad part # 75-504. It's an isolation/ground transformer. Costs under six bucks and worked like a charm. Put it between the coax cable coming out of your cable box and the TV.
Good luck.