loud intermittent pops from DAC, possibly related to long USB cable from computer

when I bought my benchmark DAC 3 years ago, it made loud intermittent pops. people suggested it was due to the long USB run, so I got a 'USB active extender' 15 ft. cable which connects to a regular 15 ft. USB that goes to the DAC. the problem stopped - until now: I recently disassembled my system (changed the cabinets). when I turned it back on, the pops were back (fwiw: they only happen during the music, not when it's idle). I tried turning off the DAC, disconnecting and connecting the cables, but so far no luck. any ideas?


@carlsbad you were right: the active extender must've gotten damaged when I reconfigured the stereo. on the advice of the guy at Benchmark, I got a 25' USB cable instead of replacing the extender cable; he said spec for USB is 15', but they'd used 25' at trade shows without issues. it's only been a few hours, but I haven't heard a single pop. I'd used duct tape to hold the extender cable down at one spot, pulled it up when I did the changes - that might've been the culprit.

I second the Supra USB cable. I use a 15 foot one. I’ve never had connections issues from a basic PCIE USB card direct to the DAC.

Be sure to disable/turn off any power management your computer may have on your USB ports.