LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus

This is a two part question.

1. What is the loudest concert (or event) that you have attended?

2. How long have you had tinnitus, is it getting better or worse and how are you dealing with it?

Personally, the loudest concert was UB40 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. Loudest event was drag racing at SIR (Seattle International Raceway) which was like sticking your head in a jet engine.

Regarding tinnitus. Over the past year or so I have noticed a constant high pitched "sound" in my ears. Mostly the left ear. At this point I don't actually know if it is constant or whether I just forget about it sometimes. I know use a white noise box when I go to sleep. Otherwise I tend to fixate on the ringing.


SEPT. 81, BOSTON, THE KINKS. My seats were at the right side of the stage next to the amps.My ears rand for almost a week. Never sat that close to the stage again.

From my vantage point, during a guitar solo.I clearly saw RAY DAVIES go back stage to a small table and stick his face in something white which was still all over his nostrils as he came back on stage. One of the most energetic shows ever.



No, it’s not a joke.

I still remember a nightmarish evening spent listening to an early Pink Floyd tribute band in a fairly small pub (bar).

They  were good but the sound seemed to be bouncing off the walls stupidly loud and I should have walked out, but I didn’t as I was the one driving that night.

So instead I put some scrunched up tissue paper in my ears and tried to find the quietest area in a very loud room.

That did help.

Thank God I remembered .

What’s the point of being an audiophile if you don’t protect your hearing?

I was at one 3 weeks ago and measured 110 dB(A) with an iPhone.
The friends had 114 and 115 dB with their Apple Watches.

They hand palmed their foreheads, when I stuffed in some hearing protectors.


OzzFest 97. My ears rang for a week afterwards. 

I had a pit ticket so I was right by the stage for most of the day with the exception of Pantera. I let a buddy use my ticket when they were on and I was on the lawn dodging bodies from the crowd surfing and mosh pits.