Love my ipod, Hate my ear buds....

As on old time audio guy, who just got my first ipod. I know, I I'm a little slow...not thrilled with the phonics, but enjoy the portability and interface, but, HATE, HATE the ear buds, extremely uncomfortable and so sensitive to exact placement...
So I thought I ask my friends here who must have struggled with this already. If I want this for easy portability ie slip in my inside pocket (so no bulky head phones), what options have you found that are comfortable, small and sound reasonably good.

I thank you in advance for your suggestions.
I was in your exact situation about 6 months ago. Couldn't keep those damn stock Apple 'phones in my ears more than 5 minutes before the pain outweighed the music, which itself added to the pain as the sound quality was awful (goes without saying). After doing a little research the Sennheiser CX500 seemed to get good reviews, and after finding them online at B&H Photo for 60 bucks I took the plunge. I haven't compared them to anything else, but I can keep these things in my ears for hours with no discomfort and the sound is nicely balanced and refined. A huge step up from the stock iPod headphones in every way. They also have a neat little slider volume control on the cord that sometimes comes in handy when it's not convenient to grab the iPod and work the wheel.

Best of luck.
Another vote of support for Etymotic Research. They sound great and are very comfortable for people with any sized ears. Cheers,
If you are willing to spend the money - The JH custom made for your ear are the best IEM I have found:

Getting a mini portable Amp from Ray Samuels also makes a huge sonic difference.

Best Regards,
second ptmconsulting--koss porta pros absolutely rule. the sporta pros, which have the same drivers but a sealed back design, don't sound as good.