low bass response

My system, which is shown on my profile, does not seem to produce the low bass I would expect it to.  I listen near field, and my room is 13'x30'x9'....in your experience, is this most likely due to my room and near field position?


Your thoughts are all appreciated. Some of us don’t have flexibility with space, and make the most of what we have….

@jw944ts You have a very good setup. Ravel go down to 23 Hz at 3db. So you should get good low frequency response. First you need to measure frequency response of your system from the listening position using Stereophile Test CD or similar with test tones. You can use radio Shack meter to measure frequency response. This should give a very good idea whether you are getting a good bass response or not. Room modes play a significant role in the low frequency reproduction.

Also identify some source material that contains low frequency information. For example, I use Wishing Well track on One Night in Vienna by Peter Scott and Richard Schönher that has a drum in the middle of the sound stage that goes from start to finish. Another one is Wrecking Ball by Emmylou Harris. If your room is not shaking, then you have a low bass problem and may have to consider room treatment.


A slim little tower will have bass issues as well as baffle step issues making for a thin bright sound.

IMO it's your room size, not your furniture nor your amp/speakers. Bass frequencies are "long" and need physical distance to travel without piling up and stacking up in a room. Your room is too small for the speakers you have. Treating the room won't work I don't think- you need a larger space. I own the same amp btw and it produces plenty of bottom end and has driven Focal 1038BE, Focal Sopra 2, Harbeth 30.2, Harbeth HLS5 Super and is currently driving Wilson Sabrina in a 13 x 22 sonically "tight" dedicated listening room. I think you need a larger room, or smaller speakers and ideally you'd need to get further back from the speakers.