Low compliance cartridges

Would appreciate suggestions for moving magnet low compliance cartridges within a price range of $500.00 to $1000.00. Cartridge will be used in a Origin Live OLMK2 tonearm with TWL mod. Thanks for your help.
Dear Wepratt: I don't know any MM cartridge at any price with low compliance figure.

+++++ " best results with low to mid compliance ... " +++++

Your MM cartridges meet this statement: are medium compliance, so you are on target.

Regards and enjoy the music.
not sure of the compliance figure, but perhaps the audio technica 150mlx will work? i think the linn adikt could be a non ultra high compliance cart. my personal recommendation would be a Garrott Optima series cart (at least i think thats the series) available at needle doctor. extremely musical and should match well with the mac sound. compliance not too high for MM either ( i think like 15 or 18)...
I don't know of any low compliance MM cartridges, but I can tell you that the OL Silver with the TWL mod will work with cartridges up to 15cu rating, and that should provide some selection guidelines for you.