Low power tube amp for Sonus Faber?

I'm thinking of buying an Italian tube integrated Mastersound 845 compact for my SF Elipsa SE. 
It uses 2 845 Valves, single ended at 30W per Channel. Would really like to try a valve amp on the Elipsa. Is this a mistake? Has anyone tried this? I've listened to Mastersound pf100 which are 120W mono blocks and I was blown away. Unfortunately the price difference is nearly ten fold. Has anyone tried using a low power valve amp with SF? 
I use the exact same speakers with a 34 wpc EL-34 PrimaLuna DiaLogue One with great results (I also use KT-88's in the PrimaLuna from time to time). I currently switch between the PrimaLuna and a McIntosh MA8900 integrated (solid state, 200 wpc). For what it's worth, the difference is *not* night and day as you may think. In fact, sometimes the tube integrated sounds more "powerful", and vice-versa. Sometimes, the McIntopsh sounds warmer and more "tube-like". So, it's all about synergy, your room, your personal tastes, etc. I say give it a shot!
Call Upscale Audio and talk to Kevin Deal as I think they sell Sonus Faber and tube amps. 
"Would really like to try a valve amp on the Elipsa. Is this a mistake?"

Why ask the question if you're not willing to accept the answer?

I borrowed a Cronus Magnum 2 from Rogue Audio and hooked it up to Sonus Faber Venere 2.5. I didn't like it as much as the solid state Arcam amp I have been and still are using. The clarity of the high and mid-range music was less and the bass power and clarity less with the tube amp. The Sonus Fabers are such a rich, warm speaker I'm not sure that they benefit from the overtones of a tube amp, at least mine, in my room did not. So, I didn't spend the money, and am using this old amp which truthfully makes these speakers sound better than anything I ever thought I would be able to afford to have in my house.
Thanks everyone for input. It seems the majority here agrees 30w is not ideal. So if that’s the case I might be able to get mastersound 845 evolution. It’s 55w per channel. Would this be better or I shouldn’t bother at all under 100w?