Low Volumes

I live in Manhattan and live in a modest-sized studio. I'm currently set up with a Cayin A-50T and Totem Rainmakers. I love the sound they produce, but generally only when I increase the volumes to more than moderate levels. Unfortunately, neighbors (including complaining ones) exist. Is there a speaker/amp combo that would give me much fuller, satisfying sound at lower levels? I had vowed to avoid the "upgrade" bug, but feel this is a valid reason. My budget would be $4k-$5k (for both speaker and amp; each used).

Do I need better speakers? Model 1s crossed my mind. Better amp? A Luxman 505u crossed my mind.

Other components (if they matter): Cardas Crosslink interconnects, entry-level nordost bi-wire, Chordette DAC.
"What about before 10pm?"--you ask. This is a slippery area. I have been told by the police,while they were here,if there are 2 complainers they can take action.((This involved a car alarm,mid day. They towed the car as the owner wasn't home to turn it off.))
Just last night as another example, around 8pm, the guy above this ole'gal complained about her tv,(for the umpteenth time). I went outside; I listened above her apt, and below at that level.---While I could hear the tv I didn't think it that disturbing,so I did nothing.( No explosions,clapping,sound effects,or music---just dialog.)
As I walk thru the courtyard I frequently hear people's tvs,as I pass bytheir apts. We have allowed people to switch apts.many times to move away from the offenders.
After 10pm would be another story.
As an audiophile, you have one, and only one, option. Move. All that expensive equipment isn't noticably better than a boom box when played at a whisper.

Believe me, I know. I moved into a paper-walled condo in 2006 and I think I actually popped the housing bubble with my pen as I was signing the mortgage. So I'm stuck there. I listen to my stereo for an hour or two if I'm home on Saturday afternoon. Anything outside of that is going to generate complaints. An SPL of 70db or higher will get the cops to my door pretty quickly. I've begun to sell off my stereo components, as their capabilities are completely unrealized.

Since single family homes are not plentiful in Manhattan, I'd suggest looking for a concrete loft. That will be my destination once I am able to sell.

OK, I just listened to some again, at a buddies in the Village, his place is pretty small, and he has rebuilt Quad 57's running off of a McIntosh MC275, it's a perfect set up for your place, from what you say, and it sounds GREAT.
Low Volume:

This is the whole concept of my set-up, heck neighbors

where I live comes over, and NEVER dreamed I had

the number of speakers I have, how the music

is so "FULL!" and "DYNAMIC!", yet they were NEVER

even aware that I played music at "all"?

My premise was, If the Music is "close" to my ears,

it will NEVER have to be loud.

First Impressions: People see All the

the Loudspeakers, so they expect "LOUD!" but are

pleasantly surprised when the sound is "FULL",

but NEVER Loud.

Klipsch are a part of my loudspeaker arsenal.

When you can carry on a conversation, speaking in

a "normal tone" of voice, while a

song is playing, and everything sounds "FULL",

and you can hear each other "clearly", it's ALL


High Power, does not equal "HIGH" volume.

Just "Smooth Dynamic" Music that fills my "room"

without abusing my neighbors.

"SYNERGY" is the "Key" element to ideal "low level"


"Hearing IS Believing."

I Love Music!