LP Cleaning Machine surprise

I have an older Nitty Gritty machine the last time I used it was a number of years ago.   At the time the difference between a  Nitty Gritty cleaned record and one that was just dust removed before playing was not noticeable.  I suppose my system is now at a different level,  because after cleaning a couple of sides just now, the difference was startling.  The tonality remained as it was before cleaning, but the clarity.....the spaces between the notes, and the instant initiation of instruments made the work very worthwhile.  Recommended.
@stringreen, my wife made me sell my VPI RCM because I got lazy and stopped using it and she said it was ugly and was taking up closet space.

I know many (most?) vinyl enthusiasts endorse record cleaning.  My brother just got back into stereo and his old vinyl.  He picked up an inexpensive record vacuum cleaner.  He said it does a decent job cleaning records.  It is hand held and small.

Any thoughts about a hand held record vacuum cleaner?
biwynne.....too bad.....you could have just made a work space for it in your garage.  Another way around is to get a small (15 dollar or so) steamer and steam your records clean....wipe them off with a microfiber cloth. 
If you listen to vinyl you really need a record cleaning machine.  There is no substitute and they make a big difference.  I have owned and regularly use a VPI for over 30 years.  But have used others as well with good results. 
@stringreen Read Rush's Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Thread. For someone who cares about LP playback as much as I know you do, I suggest you strongly consider going down the ultrasonic road. For a relatively modest investment it's a dramatic improvement and will also help preserve your LP collection. Cheers,