LP Cleaning Services

I don’t visit the Analog section section often, so forgive me if this has been covered, but I was unable to pull any thread up that addressed this particular topic.

  I am definitely a Digital Guy, but I did recently purchase a Technics Direct Drive table, which I am using with an Ortofon 2M Blue and a phono preamp from Cambridge Audio.  I am very pleased with the Sonics.  I don’t however intend to buy many lps, if for no other reason than I am in downsizing mode, and am trying to confine it to old favorites (my several hundred lps were destroyed in a flood years ago) that are not currently available digitally.

  I recently bought two, from a well respected lp resale shop, and they are both dirty as all get up.  I am not blaming the store, as far as I am concerned its  caveat emptor.  I don’t really feel like investing in an expensive and space occupying lp cleaning machine for cleaning a small handful of lps.

  My question is: are there businesses that one can pay buy the lp to clean lps?  Preferably with an ultrasonic cleaner?  My local googling reveals home cleaning services and the aforementioned lp cleaning machines, but not per lp services.  I asked at two second hand lp stores and although they had machines for use in the store for their own purposes, they weren’t making it available to customers.  


Like others, I’d be happy to clean a few records for you in my Degritter. But shipping them back and forth between Chicago and DC metro area would be expensive these days. 


Check out Pure-Grooves in Berwyn.  US cleaning for $5 per record with volume discounts.  No affiliation - yet.  I have been meaning to give them a try as they are very close to me.  




Thank you so much!  Exactly what I was looking for.  I wonder how you found them as my Googling turned up nothing.  I live in the Oak Park/River Forest area and this very close to me.  I am off tomorrow and hopefully I can just drop the lps off, as I have another errand close buy.  I will call them today and report back



btw, the Pure-Grooves site lists Val’s as one of their drop off sites, but Val’s Nephew didn’t mention them as an option when Inquired.


I've enquired about the drop offs at Val's and OP Records before and both said that don't really do it anymore.  Have you spoken with Pure-grooves?