LP pressings from other countries?

I've got the vinyl bug (again) and now that I'm shopping on eBay I've realized that there are pressings from throughout the world, and I don't know the difference in quality. I have several MFSL and Classic albums and know that they're better than the standard pressings. I've also heard that Japan has the best pressings, but not sure why...

I am looking at rock albums like Queensryche's Empire, which has pressings from Korea, Brazil, and Italy. Anyone have a guideline for best to worst?
Very generally speaking, without referring to particular titles and music from fifties and sixties, Japanese, German, Dutch and some British pressings are usually the best. Also, as an example, Japanese and German pressing of the same recording may both sound excellent but somewhat different. Japanese vinyl is usually the quietest high resolution and most balanced but in some cases may not be the best in dynamics and rhythm.
Say, most people agree that the best edition of Pink Floyd's DSOTM is Japanese EMI/Toshiba for pro use not regular Japanese, not original British which are both very good too.
So this subject is more complicated than it may seem.
in general, UK, German, and Dutch pressings are quieter than US, as far as surface noise. they're also usually lower volume - an issue if your system has a high noise floor. Japanese are especially quiet, as far as surface noise.

unfortunately though, that's only part of the story. I have a Japanese LP in which the volume CHANGES mid-song! gimme a break. Japanese are sometimes overly 'polite' too, missing dynamics.

you can go to sites like Gemm and see how different pressings are priced. in general, earlier pressings from the country where the band is from (e.g. Brit Beatles, US beach boys) are the most pricey - and often the best-sounding - IF you can find a copy in great condition ($$$!).

MFSL, being Japanese-pressed, are not always as great as their prices on the used market would suggest.

try to have fun with it. you can find great-sounding LPs any day at thrift stores for $1.
I bought a Van Morrison alblum from Australia and it was thinner than the thin period we had here. I thought it was a fake but I found out that was real and truly Australian.
It was far from great. German and Brit pressings are good for classical, French also good but is quite variable for classic rock IME. Dutch is generally good as are many "Audiophile Japanese." The auidiophile Asian pressings and recordings are on the good side.

Generally, the Korean stuff isn't all that great - though I actually used to own a Korean copy of Empire, strangely enough!

The most dependable pressings are pretty much always from Japan. That doesn't mean it's necessarily the best-sounding pressing, a la Who's Next. But it's the most consistent way to go, no doubt.

In the case of Empire, though, just go for a USA or UK since there's no Japan pressing anyway.