LP Record Cleaning Machine - Ultrasonic or Vacuum

I am new to analog and am considering to get a record cleaning machine. There are some comments that the ultrasonic may damage fine patterns oinside the tracks of old records and resulting in lost of high frequency extention. Would anyone have any comments or experience on the issue.

Thank you in advance for your responses.
Hello Ebuzz.


Look up forums, ultrasonic-record-cleaner

Good luck!
Thanks T, I did that already and if I'm not mistaken, I think I saw the one you built there.
I just wanted to toss in my two cents regarding cleaning vinyl LP records.  What I discovered is just about all methods work to varying degrees, but I recently stumbled upon a method that has catapulted the sound of my LP collection to a new level of quiet I haven't heard until now.

Before I answer what that method is, I would like to comment on the various methods of cleaning vinyl LP's. Most of my experience keeping vinyl records clean has been by use of a Spin Clean and eventually, a vacuum record cleaning machine, using the best prepared commercial record cleaning solutions I could find. Did both methods help to clean my records? Sure.  Did the vacuum machine significantly outperform the Spin Clean?  Yes.  Was I happy with the results of the VPI 16.5 vacuum machine used in conjunction with the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions?  Yeah, but I yearned to try and find another method that would elevate my enjoyment of listening to vinyl to a whole new level, while making the record cleaning experience more efficient, more fun and less costly to operate.
That method is ultrasonic record cleaning.  What made the process easier and more fun is the CleanerVinyl record cleaning system. I purchased the Vevor JPS-30A ultrasonic cleaner for $99.00 and invested in the CleanerVinyl Lift Pro system, along with their Micron Filtering system.  I must state the system isn't cheap, but after I heard the results of cleaning records with the products I purchased, my jaw dropped!  I was, quite frankly, blown away by how quiet my vinyl now sounds - or should I say, doesn't sound!  After cleaning several hundred records, one side at a time, I can't imagine vinyl lovers not wanting to use the CleanerVinyl system. The beauty of CleanerVinyl is you don't have to spend a ton of money to obtain the results I am experiencing.  It's just that the process is even more convenient the more you invest. For $400.00, give or take, one can immensely improve the sound of their vinyl collection.  I'm sold - you just might be sold too! 

So, what about the other methods, such as steam cleaning, washing records by hand, etc.  I'm certain these methods do work, and most like work very well, using Tergikleen and other quality surficants.  I'm in no way knocking those methods.  They are the least expensive way to get great results.  I have decided that the ultrasonic / CleanerVinyl combination gets me to the promised land in a way that's much quicker and a lot more fun.  Check it out by going to: CleanerVinyl.com.  There's a wealth of information and quality videos to best understand the system.  By the way, the creator of the CleanerVinyl system, Rudy, is a top notch person to deal with.  He promptly answers emails and is extremely helpful and trustworthy.  He is a true rarity in the business world and a business I want to support!