LPs - display/storage etc ideas

Hi. i'm soooo tired of trying to find a good way to solve the age-old problem of record storage. anyone come up with some cool solutions? if you stack them you can't read the sides and it's annoying to flip through them. if you have them foward facing you can only have a few at a time and then they take up a whole wall. i'm thinking of building a while wall shelving unit for them but need some thoughts and 'watch outs.' i dont feel like spending 1500 on a billy bags metal rack that i can build for 50 bucks, either. thanks in advance.
Kublakhan asked me to put together some instructions for the units I built. I've done so in Word format, but it has pictures so I can't (another computer guru might be able to) post it here. However, I will e-mail the instructions to anyone that wants them. Just e-mail me and ask for the LP storage instructions. The file is about 500k.
ewe may wanna check out this site: dunno about their costs; i haven't thoroughly been thr the site, but the design/style looks interesting, & someone handy could build their own:


hope this helps, doug s.

I bought a three drawer MEDICAL file cabinet. It cost me $100.00 (used) and has room for hundreds of LPs. The drawers are wide enough to hold LPs and to have CDs on the side of the LPs. I can flip through LPs or CDs and see the front of each album.
When I was in college, I bought bunch of these plastic crates that are stackable for my books. They were great, because when you move, you just detach the crates and move them. They were inexpensive solutions for my book storage needs, and now I use them to store my LPs!