LPS for Node 2i. Acopian?

Looking to buy either the PD Creative or LHY upgrade filter board for the Bluesound Node 2i.

I see lots of LHY lps online and Sbooster is popular, but has anyone used Acopian?

I know these robust ps have been used in industry for decades and I have seen many critical instrumentation applications, as that is my field. 

A 5v 3+ amp unit is priced under $300.00. I know quality is there, but are there other concerns when it comes an audio application?

Thanks for any useful feedback.



I'm pretty sure you can buy the LPS and board separate so you should be good.  The power supply from LHY is pretty good though.  Not familiar with Acopian


I've got three Acopian A5MT510 supplies feeding Node 130s through PD Creative boards. All sound good to me. The power supplies show up on ebay, and surplus dealers sell them, usually under $100-. The "A" series have better specs than the "B".

Not sure why Pavel didn't respond; he is usually very prompt. Your emails might not be getting to him. BTW, the boards are on sale right now for 260- zloty, about $63-. The first shipping quote I see is the highest of the three choices offered; if you proceed shipping usually costs about $20- and takes a week. I see the LHY at $119-, don't know about shipping.

I have no connection to PD, just a happy customer.

Notlistening, PD finally did reply, but cost over $100 + $43 for shipping to US. Dont know where you found different.

Between PDs cost and their slow response I went with LHY $95 with tax, free shipping,, extended return time, quick replys from vendor. Board was actually free as I had a gift card.

I saw alot of old unused Acopians online, but after talking to rep at Acopian I was told, as I suspected, caps dry up after 10 -15 years.

Got a good deal on a dual output Keces, reviewed well by an established audiophile poster here.

Thanks for your post though.