Ls 3/5a sound without the price.....

Looking for small monitor that emulates the classic 3/5...that is very open mid-band,lean bass, and slightly forgiving top end...contemplating Castle,Ruark, and usa made NSM model 5...

Your idea about looking at Ruark is a good one. I've owned a pair of Epilogues and they're absolutely wonderful at the price. They're beautifully made, as well.
Nothing sounds like the LS3/5a's! Good news is they can be had used all day long for reasonable prices.
If you can afford it the new Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2 is very good. Most of the old time LS3/5a folks say they are the best ever. I love mine.

The BBC replaced their LS3/5's with dynaudioacoustic BM5's.
Might be worth a try and they are cheap as well.
If you like the LS3/5a, buy a used pair (about $600). The original Kans are the complete antithesis of the LS3/5a, despite their outward similarities!


Denon AU320
Hafler 101/200
Rogers LS3/5a