LSA 10 Signature/Statement

Anyone own or listened to these or the LSA 20's? About to buy a pair of the 10's and looking for opinions on what to expect. 12x15 room. 

Hello I have a pair . My room is 11 by 14.  Bass and midrange are terrific. I would prefer a more open top end. Might be my amplification is the Issue. I have a Denafrips Athena Preamp and PS audio Stellar 700 mono amps.



Hi, I bought a pair of LSA 10 Statements about 8 months ago. I had been using a pair of (original) KEF LS50s, and while I liked them with my SVS sub, I felt that the mid/upper-bass was lacking in weight and authority. The KEF could not convince that it was a big speaker, even with a sub. I saw that the LSA uses passive radiators that cover most of the rear of the speaker, and remembered how much I liked the sound of them on Vandersteen 2a speakers I owned long ago. The reviews(especially Absolute Sound)  raved about the bass as well as other aspects, so I took a chance and bought them. I opted for the Statement over the Signature because I wanted the beryllium tweeter.

They took over 100 hours to break in (sounded harsh before that) and now I love them. This is definitely a high-end speaker. The bass is really terrific for a bookshelf size speaker-- I still have my sub hooked up, but the volume is usually at about 9 o'clock, whereas with the KEFs it was set typically at noon or 1 pm.The upper bass now sounds appropriately full, leading into a detailed and neutral midrange that resolves a lot of information. Maybe it is the beryllium/copper tweeters of the Statement, but I do not find the treble closed in or lacking sparkle. The lower cost Signatures have a silk dome tweeter, which I would think is not as extended as the beryllium.

Walt Liederman suggested that LSA design was striving to provide an experience on the level of the Joseph Pulsar ($8000) at the $2500 price point. I have not listened to the Joseph Pulsar extensively, but I'd say the LSA comes damn close on detail, lush midrange and top end extension. It likely exceeds the Joseph on slam and macro dynamics.

I have found that Underwood HiFi's model of high quality components at internet direct prices is a winner and i have not yet been disappointed in what I have tried from them. I trust Walter's ears and sense of quality. Let's say you get 90% of what the big boys offer in sound quality for 1/3 the price.Get on his mailing list as he has a lot of interesting brands at good prices. Ya, a lot of it is built, if not designed, in China, but when the fundamental design is good, the product can turn out to be satisfying.

I bought the Statements also and I agree with lectrolink on the sound of these. I have 2 Rythmik f-12 subs and they are turned off for now. These speakers have more bass than some floorstanders I have had in my room. I only have about 35 hours on them so far and I am very impressed with the sound so far. Very dynamic for the size!