LSA 2 speakes any experience with these?

Has anyone owned or compared the LSA 2 speaker to other floorstanding  speakers.  Thoughts ?    thanks
Not sure if they were called the LSA 2's, but I heard an LSA tower several years ago and it was very very impressive.  LSA offered its tower in 3 levels of performance with tweaks to crossover parts quality, damping material (I think) and finally a ribbon tweeter in the upper model.  I heard the middle model with an MSRP of $3500 at the time before they went factory direct. Prices plummeted since.  A good thing.  I heard them in a really large conference room on and Integra integrated and to say they sounded good would be an understatement.  In a smaller or medium sized room with careful, symmetrical set-up...crazy good for the money they get today with the direct model.  I wouldn't buy them without validating they are as good as I recall.  It was close to 10 years ago.  I'd audition them again in other words.   But I definitely recall being mightily impressed.  Although they are factory direct, it seems some dealers still carry them???  Are you looking at a dealer or second hand?  Just curious.  Comparisons:  Without naming names, I've heard quite a few big name speakers at $3500 or more that, to me did not sound good at all.  Have you compared them to anything yet?
 Compared to B&W Matrix 803 series one the the B&W seem more full. Looking at  items in my area PSB Silveri and Goldi, Para studio 100V2, Dahlquist DQ 20. DynAudio Audience 72,  Mirage OM5, Medowlark Kestrel Hot Rod.
The pair I heard had upgraded crossover parts and were $3500 v. $2800 for the base lsa 2.  I'm pretty confident they sounded better than the base pair because I know the skill of the company that did the mods. But I did not hear the base model for comparison and I certainly have no experience with the b/w you mention.  

Good luck on your quest!