LSA 20 Statement Speakers

I may purchase a pair of LSA 20 Statement Speakers......
Using my Pass Labs 250.8 Amp, their XP-12 Preamp and XP-17 phono stage
I’m spinning a VPI Classic Turntable with a MIMC Soundsmith cartridge, will these Speakers create a memorable musical experience for years to come?
Esthetically, including their size, they 
work for me and my space.  I actually 
love their appearance. From what I’ve found, their products are created with experienced and knowledgeable guidance. 
My first attempt at an Audiogon post,
I appreciate your input. 

would luv 2 know if you finally dove in and bought the LSA 20 Statements.  I too am considering changing out my Maggies to upgrade to theses based on the amazing price that Walter is currently listing them for.  If you have let me know so it will help me pull the trigger.  
For financial reasons, I’ve had to delay my purchase for the LSA 
20 Statement Speakers.  Our 
central air went out. 
I was also considering Monitor Audio Gold 300’s but I’ve ruled them out.
When my purchase is made it will be with Walter. 

A relative has a pair of these. I have spent some hours listening to them via CD. I thought they sound quite nice-smooth with a lot of detail. Nothing wrong with them but somehow the more I listened to them the less I liked them. I can understand why many people would buy them but there was something generic about their looks and sound that put me off.
Must admit that I would never buy a speaker made in China when there are so many other choices these days from non slave labor countries so take that in account when reading my comment.
I had a very bad experience with LSA-10s.
I would suggest you get it with return policy, so that if it doesn't work out, you are not stuck with it