LSA 20 Statement Speakers

I may purchase a pair of LSA 20 Statement Speakers......
Using my Pass Labs 250.8 Amp, their XP-12 Preamp and XP-17 phono stage
I’m spinning a VPI Classic Turntable with a MIMC Soundsmith cartridge, will these Speakers create a memorable musical experience for years to come?
Esthetically, including their size, they 
work for me and my space.  I actually 
love their appearance. From what I’ve found, their products are created with experienced and knowledgeable guidance. 
My first attempt at an Audiogon post,
I appreciate your input. 


LSA 20 Statement


I've said this before in another similar thread. Somewhere in China there is a factory that cranks out hundreds of thousands of these curved enclosures and anyone who orders a sufficient minimum quantity can customs-spec the cut-outs. Baltic Birch ply? Not a trace. High quality MDF? Nope. The material used is cheap chipboard. How do I know? I know because I used to own a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagio's made with a variation of the same enclosure. Same exact automotive spray paint finish. With the Adagio's, unlike with this speaker, all one had to do is peer into the front-facing port to see the rough finish work and nature of the materials. I also experienced the cheap chipboard when I resorted to rocking the top heavy gangly speakers on the outriggers that I had installed. The threaded inserts broke out of the bottom of the enclosures revealing more crumbly chipboard. There are lots of stories to be found if looked for of how vulnerable these enclosures are to moisture-they will essentially decompose if exposed to water, not that water is healthy for any loudspeaker enclosure. Btw, John of Van L Speakerworks in Chicago makes his own line of loudspeakers using the same enclosure. 

There is a concurrent thread right now in this forum about the difference between very expensive loudspeakers and moderately priced ones. This is one of the key differences. Does cheap enclosure construction have a significant impact upon ultimate sound quality? Probably not. Until the drivers work themselves loose or they get subjected to any significant trauma in shipping or otherwise. I don't fault Walter or Robert Lee or John L or anyone else who uses this enclosure to render best bang for the buck loudspeakers. But don't be fooled by the fancy curved exterior and paint job. This is not artisanal work by any stretch of the imagination. 

I briefly had a pair of the original LSA statements. As others have said the enclosures were horrible. The cheap veneer was splitting everywhere on both speakers. Hopefully the new ones are better. The sound was just ok but not great. Never understood the hype for that brand.

Interesting info about the cabinets, and I looked it up and they weigh about 70lbs each so certainly not MDF.  But, reading the universally glowing reviews they seem to have chosen wisely to keep costs down.  Yeah, they’d probably sound a little better if the speakers weighed 120lbs, but then they’d probably cost double or more.  Given the results and price, it looks like they started with a great design and then chose very wisely where to cut costs.  When reviewers are buying the review samples, well, that pretty much says it all. 

I have reached a certain point in my audio life where I won’t put up with shortcuts or manufacturer-opted compromises. At least no more than I have to put up with. If you look at my profile you will see signs of that. I have since added two headphone amps, an Ampsandsound Nautilus and a Luxman P-750u, an SW1X DAC III Balanced DAC, and an Aurender W20. And two of ZMF’s top tier sets of headphones including custom Verite’ Closed. My choice of loudspeakers (Devore O/93’s and Spendor D7.2’s) are not claimed-by me-to be among the best but it was important to me in making my buying decision that not only did I like the sound but also the manufacturer made the enclosures in-house. I believe all Devores are built by a single gentleman in John Devore’s Brooklyn factory unless he has found additional help. If there is a heavier, beefier, more fundamentally built 8 watt SE amp than the Ampandsound Nautilus I would like to see it and try to pick it up. All of my gear should be alive and kicking for my grandchildren, particularly my two turntables (again, see my profile-if you wish). It gives me intangible pride of ownership over and above the tangible qualities.