LSA speakers?

The name LSA came up in some other threads. I am always curious about small hidden gem type companies. Does anyone have any experience with these? Comparison with other specific models will be great, but impressions will do.
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The LSA 2s have excellent dynamics and a deep broad soundstage with good image localization, perhaps comparable to Von Schweikerts as they both use a similar tweeter configuration. The high end, from what appear to be less than exotic drivers, is smooth and sweet in a way that reminds me of Avantegards (no really there is a kindred quality about the two) The midrange is uncoloured, nicely detailed with good presence like a KEF or an LS35a or a Celestion. The bass is perhaps a bit warmish compared to say an Audio Physic, but with good rhythm and drive. Most everything you hear through them sounds good(like really good). The general impression is sweet and musical, detailed yet non fatiguing. Almost a British kind of sound. I like them for the money ($2500)
Anacrusis: Based on what else you heard, would you be able to compare them against other under-$3000 speakers well regarded in this forum from the likes of Tyler, Zu, Salk, Green Mountain, and (speking of British) Harbeth, etc?
Aktchi: I have not heard the above mentioned speakers so I really wouldn't be able to comment. My reference to LS35as is based on considerable time spent with the Rogers issue of this speaker. I realize that Harbeth manufacturers an LS35a, but again I haven't heard them. I really do have to get out and hear more speakers!