LSA speakers?

The name LSA came up in some other threads. I am always curious about small hidden gem type companies. Does anyone have any experience with these? Comparison with other specific models will be great, but impressions will do.
LSA bought DK Design, they made 3 or 4 different Signature models before closing the amp production down, if I remember rightly.
I still have the second version of the amp from DK Design and it still is going strong, after LSA bought the company, the prices of the amp went to crazy money!
Contacted Underwood,they will provide ZERO support for any discontinued product!And to think  I bought my amp from him...
freediver, sorry to hear that. 

I just bought a pair of LSA .5 for $400.00 and wanted to report that I am very happy with them. 

Walter at Underwood seems like a good guy. 

Maybe he had to make a tough decision to survive...

just a guess on my part

I wish you the best

Quick update.VERY VERY happy with these speakers...They absolutely sing with my little 15watt EL84 amp...The treble is a touch harsh but then they only have about 30 hours on them..I also read about changing the damping material inside the cab.from synthetic to natural wool so that's on the list of DIY hot rodding..
I have never heard the Signatures nor the Statements, but seem to be overall a "bargain" of sorts.  Are a used pair of the Signatures worth pursuing?  I will ad that the "The LSA Group "(Underwood HiFi), is back and selling the newly designed LSA-10 Signature and Statement bookshelf speakers.  Also the LSA-20 Floor mounts.    Just an fyi...