LTA microZOTL or Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme 1.3?

Hi everyone,

It’s that time..where I got the baaad itch to upgrade. Currently using EAR Yoshino 868PL into Pass Labs XA30.8 amp.

I love the EAR preamp..absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just wondering about the LTA or the Backert Labs preamp and how they are, if anyone has experience with both (long shot, thought I’ll ask)?

Should I somehow let go of the itch and stick with my EAR preamp? Not looking to change my Pass Labs amp.


Thanks in advance.




Well for starters I've heard LTA...But mainly because of Backerts approach to the power supply which is everything in hifi. 

@jc51373 Well, the power supply is certainly important but definitely not “everything” — the overall circuit design and output stage are also critical, and the LTA uses Berning’s patented circuit design and a relatively rare OTL output stage.  So lotsa variables here and saying one overall design is superior is not so cut and dried IMHO.  I’d also note the Rhumba Extreme 1.3 was 30%, or almost $2000, more expensive than the most expensive upgraded version of the LTA.  

@soix  Not gonna go round and round with you in this and argue what I say or you say is fact, anything on a forum is an opinion. You like LTA (I do too) all the power to you...And me. 

@jc51373 You’re misinterpreting this.  None of this is fact, and I’ve no idea which sounds or is designed better or even which I’d pick myself (I happen to love Backert products too), and at this level it could well come down solely to personal taste more than anything.  The issue was you said the Backert was a better design, which is your opinion and that’s perfectly fine but I was curious what made you make such a definitive statement and why I asked the question.  But overall design is certainly an arguable point all things considered because there are many elements involved.  That’s all I was saying.  Peace.