LTA Ultralinear vs SET amps

Linear Tube Audio has compared its amps to SET amps, saying they have all the benefits while also adding thumping dynamics, which is exactly what I am looking for. Yet combing through all the reviews and testimonials, I have trouble finding anybody who has specifically compared their amps directly to an SET, be it a 300B, a 2A3, or an 845, 45, etc. Is there anybody who has done exactly this and give some impressions? I currently have 300B monoblocks and love everything about them -- the big, magical, lifelike soundstage, the air, the detail, etc.. -- except for the slightly anemic dynamics and lack of that toe-tapping factor to really suck me into the music. Is there somebody who can enlighten me as to whether the Ultralinear Integrated might be just what the doctor ordered with my 99dB speakers, or not?
I felt the same way about my former 300B monoblocks. Bought and built the Elekit TU-8600 with Lundahl transformers and that fixed it for me. It's an excellent amp And those transformers have such a vigorous and authoritative sound. Definitely not anemic, at least not to me. 
Agree Medium_Grade, I also have the Elekit TU-8600 and it is a remarkable amplifier, slightly leaner than my SETs but with greater clarity overall.  
All amps require proper matching with speakers to sound best. SET amp won't sound its best with speakers requiring high damping factor, limpid bass. Steep impedance curve not good, unbalanced sound, need easier to drive. And not all SET created equal, different power tubes, different manufacturers. Try 845SET with massive power supply, you want speed slam, here you go. Provided proper matching, SET does things no other amp topology can match. At the moment I rotate 845SET, 300B SET and push pull tube in system, all three have their special attributes.

The Atma-Sphere OTL are special. I lived and loved SET sound for decades. I got Atma M-60s on trial. After 5 minutes, I knew that I was done with 300B and 45s forever. The M-60s were as magical and musical combined with detail like a great SS amp.