Lucinda Williams' Stories From A Rock n Roll Heart.

I just returned home from an afternoon of a doctor’s appointment and assorted arrands, and checked my emails. Amongst them was the latest from Elusive Disc, which included the announcement of the upcoming album from Lucinda Williams. Entitled the above heading, this album looks to be particularly and extremely interesting.

Collaborating on the album are a few of my favorite artists, including Buddy Miller and Patty Scialfa (Mrs. Bruce Springsteen to some), with song topics ranging from her stroke in 2020 (leaving her unable to play guitar), her relationship with Tom Petty, and her fondness for The Replacements (in the early-90’s I worked with a young singer/songwriter who was obsessed with Paul Westerberg and his band).

Lucinda holds a very special place in my heart; I absolutely love her to death (I met her in the mid-80's, but she was unfortunately already married to someone else, as was I ;-). I can’t wait to hear the album, and to read her memoir Don’t Tell Anybody The Secrets I Told You (available April 25th), which I also learned of in the Elusive Disc email.


One of my favorite concerts of all time! This was the band but the venue was the Verizon Center in Houston. Jim Lauderdale lit the place up as the opening solo act.

Love me some Lucinda as she always hits my HOT button. Just moved from my home of 30 years to a new home, packed up and moved 2000 albums and had been in a panic because I could not find my Lucinda albums till night before last, happy days are here again. If you have not heard the cover albums she did during the pandemic, get them. Enjoy the music


@boothroyd: Yeah, that video was shot during Lucinda’s Car Wheels On A Gravel Road tour (I believe). I saw her then at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, and you are so right: she and her band were fantastic! Jim Lauderdale had replaced the recently-departed (her band, not life ;) Gurf Morlix, playing acoustic guitar and singing harmony, and serving as the band’s leader.

Drummer Jim Christie had recently joined her band, having to quit Dwight Yoakam to do so. If the guitarist playing a Telecaster looks familiar that’s because he’s Kenny Vaughan, now playing guitar and singing in Marty Stuart’s incredible band The Fabulous Superlatives. Here’s a video of an interview Otis Gibbs recently did with Kenny, posted just yesterday: