Lugnut needs your advice on small speakers

I'm building a system for a friend on a limited budget and hope to listen to Triangle Titus 202's and Omega Super 3's while in Portland, Oregon next week. If any of you know where I can give these a listen I'd be able to eliminate a lot of self induced stress from trying to do the best job possible.

It would be helpful to have your opinions about these speakers even if I don't get to listen to them. I'm guessing that the Triangle's would be a better match since most users of the Omega's drive them with SET amps. Has anyone heard these and what do you think is a better match with the rest of the system consisting of:

BIX turntable/RB 250/ZYX R100H Yatra MK II
Supratek Syrah
ASL Wave 20's
Spletz anti-cables

I'll be buying a VTA adjuster for the arm as well as a heavyweight counterweight and using Twl's hifi mod that he has so graciously shared with all of us.

Other speakers in the $600 range new or used would be considered as well but they do need to actually be available for purchase. Other speakers I've been looking for, even if a little more money, are the Merlin VSM's, Harbeth's, Revolver and Coincident. Obviously with these speakers I'll definitely need to buy used.

The system will be installed in a small, nearly square room. The room is being gutted and purpose remodeled for audio use so we should be able to make the most out of it. Even comments about building the room are welcome. Consultation with an acoustic designer is not budgeted.

My friend listens mainly to rock but loves the mixed bag of music I play for him at my house. He appreciates an excellent recording of a great performance of good music just like I do regardless of genre. I look for him to seek out all types of vinyl that meets this description based on my carbon based library.

Thanks in advance for you reasoned responses.

I have heard the little Triangles (in fact had them @ home for a while). I enjoyed playing music through them.

To simplify description: they are pleasant to listen to as long as one doesn't have inordinate expectations. They are neither the most detailed spkrs nor do they have huge extension. One shouldn't expect that. However, the pair I had a system q of ~1, was nicely rounded in the mids, and imaged well as expected from a small box.
As I don't know the ASL's, I can't comment on that marriage. My amp is a classA ss and didn't have any sonic problems.

I'm sorry I have little to contribute... maybe I know s/thing & can't think of it now??? Cheers
I personally think the tyler acoustic speakers are a very good value in a bookshelf. At a cheaper pricepoint, I like the totem dreamcatcher and the vonschweikert VR-1.
Hi Pat,

When I had a pair of Waves, they had no trouble driving mu Audio Note AZ3's, AR8a's, an old pair of Dynacos's, and even my Legacy Harmonies. They also worked really well with M&K's, but needed a sub to sound the best. As you may know I also had a Syrah, that saw use with the Waves and all of the above speakers. I can tell you from first hand experience that Audio Note speakers just loved that combo, more so than any of the others I tried, and I haven't heard of anyone else that has tried the Wave/Syrah combo in a vinyl based system. There was great synergy there.

You may want to try and find someplace to listen to the Audio Note bookshelf speakers. The lower models of Audio Note seem to be overlooked by the "cognoscenti". The AX Two for $600 new or the AZ One for $800 (both full retail) would put a spankin' on most of those you are looking at.

FWIW, YMMV, and all of that crap, but if you can find a pair to listen to you may be surprised!


Glad you included Speltz sp cables,but what about the new Speltz Anti-Connect ICs ???

Speakers:Stop wondering about the speakers,get your friend Merlins !TSM or VSM,I would recommend to push the budget a bit on this.

Thanks guys. Yeah, I'd already decided upon the new interconnects but I thought they were a secret for now. Anyway, I like the opinion expressed by Joe as he understands the synergy thing with the rest of the equipment. I've seen some TSM's for not too much moeny but not of late. I can wait a couple of weeks for something to show up too. Keep the advice comin' guys. Chris, do you think these amps are powerful enough for the Merlins?