Lugnut needs your advice on small speakers

I'm building a system for a friend on a limited budget and hope to listen to Triangle Titus 202's and Omega Super 3's while in Portland, Oregon next week. If any of you know where I can give these a listen I'd be able to eliminate a lot of self induced stress from trying to do the best job possible.

It would be helpful to have your opinions about these speakers even if I don't get to listen to them. I'm guessing that the Triangle's would be a better match since most users of the Omega's drive them with SET amps. Has anyone heard these and what do you think is a better match with the rest of the system consisting of:

BIX turntable/RB 250/ZYX R100H Yatra MK II
Supratek Syrah
ASL Wave 20's
Spletz anti-cables

I'll be buying a VTA adjuster for the arm as well as a heavyweight counterweight and using Twl's hifi mod that he has so graciously shared with all of us.

Other speakers in the $600 range new or used would be considered as well but they do need to actually be available for purchase. Other speakers I've been looking for, even if a little more money, are the Merlin VSM's, Harbeth's, Revolver and Coincident. Obviously with these speakers I'll definitely need to buy used.

The system will be installed in a small, nearly square room. The room is being gutted and purpose remodeled for audio use so we should be able to make the most out of it. Even comments about building the room are welcome. Consultation with an acoustic designer is not budgeted.

My friend listens mainly to rock but loves the mixed bag of music I play for him at my house. He appreciates an excellent recording of a great performance of good music just like I do regardless of genre. I look for him to seek out all types of vinyl that meets this description based on my carbon based library.

Thanks in advance for you reasoned responses.


Merlins have a min imp of 6.5 ohm(Uses a Zobel network)so, a very easy load for a amp.Sensitivity is 88dB for the TSMs and 89db for the VSMs.
Denis may be able to elaborate on this point,ask him as well ,when he comes back from the UK.

I have to agree with Boa2, I found the triangles on the thin and annoying side, but that was with solid state amps, maybe with a warm tube amp... First order crossover, sounded best around 15 feet away! As for the Spicas, if your friend is really into rock, I wouldn't do it. I think they are a little on the delicate side. Now if I could just come up with some positive recommendations! Actually, I heard a great $800 pair of Dali monitors while on a forray with Marco (Jax2), and I also really like the Epos 12.2 - which are available in Portland for around $800 as well. Good luck Pat, and tell us what you come up with.
This sounds to me like a perfect excuse to build a set of Voigt Pipes.

Fostex drivers, and DIY construction will fit the budget.
Lowther drivers, and DIY construction will push the budget up some, but will sound like $10k speakers.

Crossoverless, active(direct-driven) system "totally rules" for low power systems. I prefer the Lowther over the Fostex, but there is no doubt that the Fostex is nice for the lower money.

You can't know what immediacy is until you try something like this. Not the last word in bass response, but it is very tough to beat in the rest of the spectrum. Not a perfecly "ruler-flat" response curve, or anything that can be described by any specs. Just really good sounding, quick, and natural. You can add a sub if you have to, but I'd try it without first, just to see how you like it.

BTW, I am aware of at least one member of Audiogon that has replaced his Merlin VSM-M with a set of Lowther Voigt Pipes, and it's not me. Also, another member has replaced his Triangle Antal speakers with Lowther Voigt Pipes, and another member replaced his Silverline Sonatas with Lowther Voigt Pipes, and they all said the same thing,"Never going back again to what I had before". One other member had a tough time deciding between a set of Lowther Voigt Pipes, and a pair of JM Labs Mini-Utopias, and finally decided on the JM Labs, because of the large size of the Voigts taking up too much of his bedroom.
Following up on T's diy route, other killer kits are also available.
One strong contender (and Voigt competitor) is the Hammer Dynamics kit.

A good Voigt or a Hammer should, in most (all) respects, outperform small commercial spkrs...
Thanks for all the input. I'm copying all the advice you've given and will try to listen to as many as I can later this week. You guys are the best.