Lullabies, Anyone?

Before my two year old goes to sleep we listen to a CD in her room. We've tried classical music to pop lullabies to REM (Automatic for the People). My current favorite is Nicollette Larson " Sleep, Baby, Sleep".

Anyone have any favorites?
My five year old daughter still loves Eva Cassidy's version of the old folk/bluegrass song "Tall Trees in Georgia"
My 3 year old daugther loves to listen to music from the Nutcracker suit, Les Miserables, and Phantom of the Opera before going to sleep. For what ever reason, I will not dare to find out!

Happy holidays everyone!
My 15 month old son loves to listen to Metallica's 'Fuel', ah, no, wait....that's my 15 YEAR old son's music.
It might be hard to find but Nena's "Unser Apfelhaus." is good for little kids. It's in German but little kids won't know the difference.
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