Lumin Ap on Lumin players - not so good?

Anyone use Luman ap??

got a new luman device and find the Lumin ap as being difficult to work with.  Playlists seems to require lots of management vs Roon, Qobuz.  Also hard to figure ap out.  Seems very awkward to use.

design of ap doesnt seem to be very good.  Guidance is limited.  Very disappointed.



can anyone help


new LUMIN T2 user.

it’s hooked up to a seagate 8TB full of music, DSD and PCM.

when I browse the folders and choose a song and tap, it plays just the one song and does NOT complete the album. 

is the fix the same as what’s described above, which may have been for other sources such as tidal where this is a local hard drive plugged directly in, and that’s the ONLY music source Being used.



You need to HOLD DOWN your finger on the ALBUM thumbnail not the SONG. You will see a small menu pop up while you are holding your finger down. 4 small ICONS with arrows and lines will pop up. Click the first  ARROW/LINE ICON. All the songs should populate the playlist. Also, read the manual.