Lumin Ap on Lumin players - not so good?

Anyone use Luman ap??

got a new luman device and find the Lumin ap as being difficult to work with.  Playlists seems to require lots of management vs Roon, Qobuz.  Also hard to figure ap out.  Seems very awkward to use.

design of ap doesnt seem to be very good.  Guidance is limited.  Very disappointed.

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The above comment says to read the manual to use the lumin app. No way, you should not need to read and learn a manual to use an app. The app is terribly awful and less than intuitive. Lumin designers fell far short designing this app.

t2 is very nice but the app Interface sucks. The app may be a hell of a lot better than roon, but it sucks. I used it a month or two ago and now I’m too stupid to remember all the intricacies how works now.

Lumin needs to make some cosmetic changes to the interface to make it easier to use. What is wrong with these people. Sure they can use it no problem, but it’s an awful awful learning curve and then it’s awkward to use.


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I have read through all of the helpful suggestions in the forum. G(,uess what I’m more confused than when I started.. Ok guys here’s the deal. I have the Lumin D2. Apparently this app is the same for all models. Maybe some of you guys look at the thing and say oh I get this. I had a teacher once who was so clever no one knew what he was talking about.A lot like the guy who created this app. Okay from the beginning. I have the tidal music service. Clever Art was able to get his tidal play list to show up in the app. Let the confusion begin. This playlist has all my songs but in front of these there are numbers in no special order and often the same number. WTF. Ok l’ll just start at the first song and I can at least listen to the songs Pressing on another song if I want to skip. Right play the first song and settle back and listen to the others. Shuts off . Ok I’ll go to the selections lit and instruct it to play the next song. No way. Get this one day a list appeared when I scrolled left. Order was different but the numbers ran 1 2 3. Have no idea how it got there but it played the tunes one after another. I can live with this. Next evening came to play my list…’s gone but of course the list that does nothing is still there. Another WTF in fact several.By the way I didn’t erase the whole list list. I know what a F…ing trash can is. Now, I don’t give a you know what about Roon or BubbleUpnP or anything else. We have our funny looking list in the App.So how do we create the list with 1st 2nd to ply one after another. Remember use K.I.S.S. Methodology. May be also how to place a new song into that list. How to delete songs. Any little tricks we can use would be appreciated. I accidentally held down one of the album covers and a bunch of funny little squares and lines popped up. My third WTF. I was a teacher for 34 years. I am willing to bet if Knew how to run this app I could write a set of step by steps that you can follow. Never assume that everyone should get it if you do. End of rant Art