Lumin Hifi Rose or Aurender

I am looking for a new streamer (with no dac) and streamer with a dac and would prefer to stay with one brand.  Have it narrowed down to Lumin, Hifi Rose or Aurender.  I need spotify connect and access to tidal.

I will spend in the 4 to 6K for the Steamer and 3-5K for the streamer Dac

I have a Berkeley alpha dac 3 that the streamer will feed in system one which is a higher end system mcintosh C22 into a MC462 with Harbeth 40.3 XD speakers.

The streamer dac is for a second system which is more middle of the road.  Mcintosh MA6500 with Totem Forest Signature speakers.

I do streaming only and don't have no need for drive storage.

Love to here your thoughts 

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