Lumin Hifi Rose or Aurender

I am looking for a new streamer (with no dac) and streamer with a dac and would prefer to stay with one brand.  Have it narrowed down to Lumin, Hifi Rose or Aurender.  I need spotify connect and access to tidal.

I will spend in the 4 to 6K for the Steamer and 3-5K for the streamer Dac

I have a Berkeley alpha dac 3 that the streamer will feed in system one which is a higher end system mcintosh C22 into a MC462 with Harbeth 40.3 XD speakers.

The streamer dac is for a second system which is more middle of the road.  Mcintosh MA6500 with Totem Forest Signature speakers.

I do streaming only and don't have no need for drive storage.

Love to here your thoughts 

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Thank you all for the wonderful feedback sounds like there is a lot of great choices!


Owning a Lumin U1 for a few years now, very happy with the resolution and reliability. If the Lumin doesn't work, it's a network problem, so look elsewhere. Only used the factory reset button once, very early in the setup stages where I goofed up badly, never needed to reset ever since.

The main issue in advantage of the Lumin is the after sales support and updates like Qobuz, Tidal, lossless radio stations, Leedh volume control, the list goes on with firmware updates as needed, not as a result of balls ups.Support is very good, Peter always listens, nothing is off the table.

I was looking for a streamer for the office, thought the Lumin would be a shoe in, but the entry level unit  is $500 too much for the budget, so went for the ifi Neo Stream instead.

I compared my HifiRose RS150B to the Lumin T3. Everything the same except swapping out one streamer/dac for another. Both are great pieces of gear, but in addition to the Rose offering way more flexibility and features, I also preferred it’s tonality and presentation over the Lumin in my system. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks for all the great information.  One last thought I am thinking about getting the new T+A DAC 200 and T+A makes a Streaming CD pPlayer - MP 200. 

Has anyone tried the MP 200 with the Dac 200 I have read great things about the combo.

Hold the presses . If you’re thinking in T+A realm, then please consider the Grimm MU1. If yr. in No Cal please PM me on Agone and you can hear one I know of.