Lumin P1 or Pre / Streamer / DAC separates?

Hi - wanted to see if anyone had experience with the Lumin P1 - especially interested in how it works as a Preamp.  I have both Krell Illusions ii & Zesto Leto Preamplifiers.  I use a Auralic G1 Aries Streamer and a MHDT Pagoda balanced DAC.  They feed a Krell Duo 300xd Amplifier.

I am thinking about simplifying things, shifting to the Lumin P1 as a Streamer / DAC and Pre.  I previously had a Lumin D2 which I thought punched above it’s weight class, I’m confident the P1 is an outstanding Streamer / DAC but less confident in if it will perform well as a Pre.  I’ve tried feeding the 300xd direct without a Pre and have always preferred having a Pre in the chain.  

The P1 was designed to change the narrative.

Crazy to think the P1 can best separates?  Again, I think it would best my streamer / DAC. 



I kind of thought about and kind of took the same path you are considering but with other brands.  I moved from tubes to trying to use a DAC as preamp.  I started with a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC into Primaluna amps.  I ended up with a Bricasti M1, Cary SLP-05 into AGD Audions.  I tried to run without the Cary but missed the little tube bloom added by the Cary. To me it really added life back to my system.  If you have / had tubes give a DAC / pre a try but be prepared to put tubes back in somewhere.  I went the tube pre direction to avoid the cost of power tubes, heat and weight.  I could not be happier!!

Curious if the P1 is still delivering over there. I run a D2 direct to my amp and the P1 is on my short list. 

@pioneerhip Hi, I enjoyed the P1 but ended up rolling with a Lumin U2 mini feeding a PS Audio Directstream MKii and I ended up getting a PS Audio BHK Pre.  I’m really happy with the new set up but I would say if you like the D2 hooked up directly to your amp or amps, the P1 I will be a really nice step up.  If you are looking for a 1 box solution, Pre, Streamer, DAC offering really high end streaming, DAC capabilities, really hard to beat the P1, not really sure you can.  The T & A DAC 200 is another great Pre / DAC combo but I don’t think it has a built in streamer.  Long story short, even though I went a different direction, the P1 delivered a really high end Streamer, DAC combo with the flexibility of being able to use it as a Pre as well.  If you aren’t going to be using the Pre functionality for anything but streaming, give a look on the used market for Lumin X1’s.  They’ll have the Leedh volume control and likely will be a slight step up from the P1 from a streaming, DAC standpoint.  

Good Luck, 

i know this is old but was hoping for some valuable input.


Next week i will be trying my P1 (as pre-dac - streamer) into a Mc men220 and then to a new to me Luxman m900u (replacing a Mc MA7900) - I am trying to keep my men220 in the chain....any suggestions or experience with anything similar to this? thanks in advance for any advice.