Lumin P1 or Pre / Streamer / DAC separates?

Hi - wanted to see if anyone had experience with the Lumin P1 - especially interested in how it works as a Preamp.  I have both Krell Illusions ii & Zesto Leto Preamplifiers.  I use a Auralic G1 Aries Streamer and a MHDT Pagoda balanced DAC.  They feed a Krell Duo 300xd Amplifier.

I am thinking about simplifying things, shifting to the Lumin P1 as a Streamer / DAC and Pre.  I previously had a Lumin D2 which I thought punched above it’s weight class, I’m confident the P1 is an outstanding Streamer / DAC but less confident in if it will perform well as a Pre.  I’ve tried feeding the 300xd direct without a Pre and have always preferred having a Pre in the chain.  

The P1 was designed to change the narrative.

Crazy to think the P1 can best separates?  Again, I think it would best my streamer / DAC. 



I kind of thought about and kind of took the same path you are considering but with other brands.  I moved from tubes to trying to use a DAC as preamp.  I started with a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC into Primaluna amps.  I ended up with a Bricasti M1, Cary SLP-05 into AGD Audions.  I tried to run without the Cary but missed the little tube bloom added by the Cary. To me it really added life back to my system.  If you have / had tubes give a DAC / pre a try but be prepared to put tubes back in somewhere.  I went the tube pre direction to avoid the cost of power tubes, heat and weight.  I could not be happier!!

Curious if the P1 is still delivering over there. I run a D2 direct to my amp and the P1 is on my short list. 

@pioneerhip Hi, I enjoyed the P1 but ended up rolling with a Lumin U2 mini feeding a PS Audio Directstream MKii and I ended up getting a PS Audio BHK Pre.  I’m really happy with the new set up but I would say if you like the D2 hooked up directly to your amp or amps, the P1 I will be a really nice step up.  If you are looking for a 1 box solution, Pre, Streamer, DAC offering really high end streaming, DAC capabilities, really hard to beat the P1, not really sure you can.  The T & A DAC 200 is another great Pre / DAC combo but I don’t think it has a built in streamer.  Long story short, even though I went a different direction, the P1 delivered a really high end Streamer, DAC combo with the flexibility of being able to use it as a Pre as well.  If you aren’t going to be using the Pre functionality for anything but streaming, give a look on the used market for Lumin X1’s.  They’ll have the Leedh volume control and likely will be a slight step up from the P1 from a streaming, DAC standpoint.  

Good Luck, 

i know this is old but was hoping for some valuable input.


Next week i will be trying my P1 (as pre-dac - streamer) into a Mc men220 and then to a new to me Luxman m900u (replacing a Mc MA7900) - I am trying to keep my men220 in the chain....any suggestions or experience with anything similar to this? thanks in advance for any advice.







@Natev305 I had never heard of the MC men220 before your post.  When I look up the description I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work out play well with the P1.  If you had a HT receiver you were using as a preamp and or pre /amp combo then you might rethink adding the P1.  Many of the newer HT Receivers process whatever you feed them with their own DAC’s.  Changes the sound signature defeating the purpose of an expensive stand alone DAC.  I men220 is adjusting the signal purely for room correction and it isn’t reprocessing the analogue signal the P1 is sending back into a digital signal should work well if you leave it in the chain, assuming you like the effect it has on the sound. 

Take my advice with a grain of salt as I am not familiar with the men220.  I have an Anthem MRX1140 with room correction.  I don’t care for it as a Pre in my 2 Channel, when I dug into why discovered it converts / processes all inputs digitally.  No way I can use the room correction without it converting the analogue signal back to a digital signal, processing through the DAC’s used for each channel which are designed to deliver Surround sound.  When I read about the men220 doesn’t seem like that’s how it works.  Heck, even if it does and you like the sound, then it’s a winner.  I find in my system I don’t care for the Anthem reprocessing the signal.